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Gemini Horoscope 12222: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

Virgo season begins on August But we?

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Mars has officially entered Virgo, and will stay there until October 3. In astrology, Mars is associated with attraction, energy, and courage, while Virgo.

The full moon is in Aquarius tonight, so get ready for a strange time. Sometimes called the weirdo of the zodiac in an affectionate way, of course , Aquar.


Because according to astrology, it's a Venus Star Point and the best day. In all the fuss about Mercury retrograde last month, you may have forgotten that Jupiter was also retrograde.

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The gas giant has been retrograde in Sagittar. Just when Mercury retro-shade is almost over, another planet is about to go retrograde. The seventh planet from the sun will appe.


So check back weekly for our free forecast! Critical as this may make you feel, bear in mind that if you want to get anything done over the next couple of weeks, you do need others very much onside.

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Tuesday, October 8, Skip navigation! Some other constellations are also mythologically associated with the zodiacal ones: Piscis Austrinus , The Southern Fish, is attached to Aquarius. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your house of personal finances gets activated, reminding you to balance your budget and pay your bills.

On Thursday your chatty ruler Mercury moves to the least chatty part of your chart. So all of October is a good time for quietly mulling things over; taking stock and planning moves rather than acting — and speaking — on impulse.

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It looks like someone in your world has been throwing their weight around or manipulating you. However much it irritates or even scares you, hold your ground in as non-confrontational way as possible.

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On Friday energetic Mars moves out of Virgo. Which means until then you can still get a hell of a lot done. And also says that at the weekend you can put your feet up and relax, trusting that life will calm down. For a bit. If not, you have this week to help it along by putting energy into new things that will, in fact, help you feel that way. This is and you have to work it. What is it you need to do?

You know the answer so do it. Do you need to make big changes or move a proverbial mountain?

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