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Aquarius Horoscope 2020 – Aquarius 2020 Horoscope Yearly Predictions

Aquarius horoscope for investment As far as investment matters are concerned, there are some good periods for investing your money and that are: 1 Jan To 10 Apr 19 Sep To 31 Dec These periods will be good for investment and past investments made might give better returns in this period of time. Some of you might get some property gains in period from 5 Oct To 28 Oct Some of those might get inheritance gains in period from 3 Jun To 21 Jun or in period from 13 Sep To 29 Sep Aquarius horoscope for children As far as child matters are concerned, these are good periods in relation to child happiness and that are: 1 Jan To 20 Jan 8 Feb To 25 Feb 27 Aug To 31 Oct 22 Nov To 31 Dec However, in rest of the periods, there will be need to give more time to your loved ones for their betterment.

In this way in other periods too, you can get better child happiness. Some of you might get some good news in relation to your child in period from 30 Sep To 23 Oct Aquarius horoscope for education As far as initial education matters are concerned, this periods will be good and that are: 1 Jan To 24 Feb 23 Mar To 23 Jul 5 Oct To 15 Dec However, in rest of the periods, there will be more need to pull in more efforts in the field of education matters such that good flow of education do not go downwards.

As far as higher education is concerned, this are the good periods and that are: 1 Jan To 20 Jan 8 Feb To 25 Feb 27 Aug To 31 Oct 22 Nov To 31 Dec Some of you might get some good news in relation to higher education in period from 30 Sep To 23 Oct , however in other periods, there will be need to put in much more sincere efforts in higher studies as in other periods, concentration might be broken in studies.

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Aquarius horoscope for health As far as health matters are concerned , this are the periods in which there is need to take proper care of your health matters and that are : 1 May To 18 Sep In this period, there are some chances that you might neglect your health and thus there will be need to take proper care of your health and diet too such that you can remain fit and healthy. In other periods, mostly health will remain healthy for you. Aquarius horoscope for marital life As far as marital life is concerned, these are good periods for marital happiness and that are: 1 Jan To 14 Jan 14 Feb To 15 Jun 18 Aug To 17 Sep 18 Nov To 16 Dec However in rest of the periods, there will be need to handle marital life on softer note as in other periods, difference of opinion can come in marital life which can hamper marital happiness.

Further, there is need to take care of your spouse health in this periods and that are: 15 Jan To 13 Feb 18 Jul To 17 Aug 18 Sep To 18 Oct Overall, by taking collective decisions and by handling marital life on softer note will be helpful for better marital happiness for you.

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Aquarius Career Horoscope Read about Jobs, Business, Career, How it will This horoscope forecast is based on Vedic Moon Sign. Career of edgy & daring Aquarius natives would be majorly affected by the transits of astrological. Aquarius Horoscope prediction based your moon sign. Aquarius Horoscope and Astrology forecast covers about your Aquarius Career, Love, Vedic astrology can decode the Wealth Code - the timing & method to more.

For those who are unmarried, this might be the periods for getting marital proposals and that are : 14 Feb To 15 Mar 23 Mar To 16 Apr 17 Aug To 17 Sep Aquarius horoscope for career As far as career matters are concerned, this are the good periods and that are: 1 Jan To 22 Mar 10 Aug To 25 Sep 11 Nov To 31 Dec In other periods, there will be higher need to take better care of your professional life and try that no issues should pops up at your work place that might give you harder time for you.

For unemployed persons, this are the periods that will be good to get job and that are: 6 Feb To 22 Mar 10 Aug To 25 Sep 11 Nov To 31 Dec This above periods will be good for increments and promotions too. You will develop focus and dedication to professional tasks, work efficiency will be high, new technology may be introduced that you would have learn in the resent times. The day schedule would be very busy and you may not find time for own self but you would be happy and satisfied.

Read More. Some seasonal ailments may surface and the government cases will go in your favor. You may indulge in financial illegal activities which would be harmful and may suffer loss.

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Max characters 0 remaining. Sade Sati Reading. Medical Astrology Consultation. Relationship Analysis Report. Career Transit Report for 1 Year. Detailed Life Reading 20 Years. Interesting facts about Yellow Sapphire stone is also known as Pukhraj.

Diamond is the hardest known mineral and colorless. Fortunately, Mercury will be spending two months in Pisces your second house of finance , giving you plenty of time to balance your checkbook. From February April 16, try keeping a money diary to track your expenses. Mercury goes retrograde three times this year—and for better or worse, Aquarius, all three happen in career and money houses.

Progress may be slow, but with the North Node in Cancer your sixth house of work , trust that things are moving in the right direction. The total solar eclipse in Cancer July 2 could signal a new direction.

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With Mercury and other inner planets opposing Uranus, constant interruptions make it hard to keep your eye on the prize. Check the love potential between you and your partner or potential partner , and how you can improve your relationship. Clairvoyant, Dream Analysis, Are you seeking clarity? Do you want to know how they Chat Now! Angel Cards, Angel Professionals will progress well in their current jobs.

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Though there will be significant transformations in the office environment, you will not be affected. You have the beneficial aspects of Saturn, and you will work out strategies for professional growth for the coming days. While you are satisfied with your present status, there is no harm in putting in more effort. You can expect a bright future when you can enjoy the results of your diligence. There is a possibility of a transfer or relocation in your present employment.

The year will be reasonably good for the financial growth of the Aquarius star sign. The hard work you have done during the previous years will result in a copious flow of money in the present year. While income is satisfactory, expenses also mount at the same rate.

This is due to the influence of Saturn on your fiscal environment.

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You may have to dig into your past savings to balance your budget. Businessmen should avoid starting new projects and avoid needless expenditure. All speculative investments should be put on hold for the present. You may have to spend money on travels which are unavoidable. Irrespective of the inflows of capital, you have to keep a strict tab on the outgo of money. End of the year promises to be lucky on the financial front. Travel for Aquarius zodiac individuals is forecast for the whole year.

You will travel abroad after the first quarter because of the positive aspects of Saturn and Jupiter. The year is not suitable for religious tourism. Health predictions for Aquarius persons for the year indicate more or less good well being. There is a possibility of digestive problems and stress-related diseases due to the influence of Saturn over the zodiac. The situation becomes brighter during the last quarter of the year. In addition to the negative planetary aspects, your fundamental nature of being emotional may affect your health.

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It is essential to maintain a mental balance if you want to remain healthy. You should control your negative thoughts and feelings so that they should not disturb your emotional health. Also, you should desist from eating junk food and avoid excessive revelry.

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You might make an unexpected financial gain during the beginning of the month. Addition to this, they are unpredictable, inefficient. You will enjoy the month of August, Aquarius! Get the best horoscope readings regularly through our Free Daily Horoscope app. According to the Horoscope , the year is going to be exceptionally excellent for the people of Aquarius zodiac sign. This Friday will fall on September 13th.

However, there is a way to maintain your health within acceptable standards.