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You're on the verge of entering a period where forming healthy habits and longterm commitments will be of the utmost importance, so don't worry. Things are settling into place. Even though you're not encouraged to start new projects or make big decisions during Mercury retrograde, a new moon in Pisces will also radiate through the skies on March 6. This lunation is conjunct dreamy Neptune, sextile courageous Mars, and also, sextile karmic Saturn.

Your Horoscope for the Week of March 4

You might feel a sense of being pulled into the past at the time time as you look to the future. However, there's nothing wrong with that. Allow the past and everything you've been through to form your strength as you move forward. The sun is forming a trine with the true node, which essentially means that we're all moving toward destiny.

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  • Your Horoscope for the Week of March 4 — March Horoscopes.

If it's meant to be, it will be. As Mercury retrogrades through your 12th house of the subconscious, your inner world will be experiencing complex feelings and revelations. Give yourself rest and solitude so that you can process these revelations. With a new moon taking place in the same house, a powerful secret is may be revealed to you.

Allow yourself to release spiritual baggage and go forth with a renewed connection to the universe.

Weekly Horoscope March 29 – April 4 | Metropolis Magazine

You may be feeling confused about your social circle with Mercury retrograding through your 11th house of community. Old friends may resurface, new ones may show their true colors, and you'll eventually realize which friends are true. With a new moon in the same house, you're moving closer to a wish coming true. You may also be brought closer to a group of like-minded individuals who can inspire you.

You're likely feeling very unsure about your career now that Mercury is retrograding through your 10th house of social status. You may feel challenged by new responsibility or insecure about how well your hard work is being received.

Trust in the process. Validation is on the way, especially with a new moon taking place in the same house. You're on the path towards achievement and success, so don't give up now. With Mercury retrograding through your ninth house of philosophy, you may be feeling uninspired by your current journey and struggling to find meaning in it all.

You may feel pulled to travel through your past and review where you've come from. With a new moon in your ninth house, you're on the brink of an adventure that involves mental expansion and cultural awareness. Trust that you're going somewhere beautiful.

You could be feeling terrified now that Mercury is retrograding through your eighth house of death and rebirth. You're tying off loose ends, revisiting intense memories from your past, and ultimately trying to find a way to say goodbye to something important to you.

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With a new moon in your eighth house, you're rising from the ashes of something difficult and you're becoming so much stronger and prepared for the future. You're probably feeling confused about and frustrated toward some of your closest relationships because Mercury retrograde takes place in your seventh house of partnership.

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You may reconnect with an ex partner or feel nostalgic for what you both shared. Learn from the past instead of living in it. A new moon in your seventh house launches an era of stronger relationships that are based in mutual respect and honesty. Are you thinking about traveling? For a crab looking for a little rest and relaxation, this may seem counterproductive.

Use the new moon on the 6th to stay organized and well-documented, thus insulating you from some volatility. Whether or not the check clears, you will both feel way more empowered and, better yet, on the same side. Just going to cut to the chase, Virgo: This week is not the best to initiate a long-term commitment.

follow And if you absolutely, absolutely have to, do it on the 6th or the 7th. Your famous Libran balance is going to be tested—literally. Expect some hiccups in your daily routine and ability to care for yourself. If you can carve out time for the basics—sleep, water and exercise—do it. If not, give yourself something even more important: the space to be a little lax and forgive yourself.

But, like, still drink water. Use the new moon on the 6th to seek some balance that allows you to enjoy the puppy love or honeymoon stage while enforcing some healthy boundaries that will keep you grounded.

Use the energy of the new moon on the 6th to alert your nearest and dearest that you may or may not be leaving town and potentially unavailable for social engagements. Tightening the old purse strings is a good idea this week.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of March 4

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