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http://indosight.com/4051.php The Court Cards have also been linked to Enochian Magic and angelic beings. How the Court Cards are traditionally portrayed? Now we have seen a little of the history behind the development of the Court Cards. Generally speaking, they are seen as a family: father, mother, son, and daughter. In some systems, the son the Knight takes the place of the father the King.

In recent years there has been a movement to take the portrayal of the Court Cards away from the literal "court" imagery of the more traditional cards into a more modern setting. I may be in a minority here, but I am perfectly comfortable with the traditional court setting and garb. However they are portrayed in our personal deck of choice, what do we do with these sneaky people when they edge into a reading?

I treated them gently, for a very long time, until I fully understood how to interpret the other cards in the deck. I think that this is what many readers may do.

But, at some point in time, we do have to talk to them! As with anything, understanding the Court Cards, and developing the ability to interpret them, comes from study establishing a foundational meaning for the card , intuition what the card says to the individual reader in a particular situation , and practice. In this way, they become a part of us, and we don't have to think about what they are in a reading, the meaning flows intuitively through us. Court Cards as part of the story Remember that each reading is an unfolding story about some aspect of the Seeker's life.

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What is your first impression of the card? What symbols draw your eye?

What colors stand out? If you do interactive, or dialogue style readings, ask the Seeker what their impression of the card is, and where it might fit into their life. What symbols and colors are they drawn to? Ask the Seeker if the Court Card in question reminds them of someone in their life. Do they see this person as supportive, or do they see this person as being an obstacle? This would be the outer level of the Court Card.

On the inner level, does the Seeker see the Court Card as an aspect of themselves?

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Is this energy within them - a skill or a talent that they can use as a personal resource? Is this something that they need to develop? Is the Court Card in question representing a fear that is holding them back? Look at the number of Court Cards appearing in any one reading.

What positions do they fall in? Are they more involved with the past, the present, or the future? Which cards may be facing each other, and what does that energy look like? What happens when a Court Card comes up reversed?

Capricorn Horoscope

It can be seen as an attribute that is not being acknowledged, or that has not been developed. It can also indicate support that is needed but not available at the time of the reading to the Seeker. It can also be the negative side of the positive attributes of the card. There can be a shadow side to every card, including the Court Cards.

She presents several very usable charts that show the challenge in each of the Court Cards, as well as the supporter and resource roles within each Court Card. It allows you to become familiar with the energy of the card, and allows you to call in this energy as an allie when needed. It is also helpful when attempting to resolve shadow issues with any particular card. This can come up in unexpected ways: I once dealt with the shadow side of the Hermit, which is one of my birth cards, when I was working with a deck in which the Hermit was portrayed as a female. Court Cards as the "Who" in the Seeker's life Another way of working with the Court Cards is to go through them and pick out the card that you think represents how people see you.

Then go back, and pick out the card that represents how you see yourself, or how you want to be seen. What do you see in each of these cards? The most basic balance to be found at the Full Moon is between what we are feeling Moon and what we are doing Sun.

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No matter the zodiac sign, this is an excellent point to contemplate at any Full Moon. Moon Water is made by setting a container of water under the light of the Full Moon.


You may have cloudy conditions, rain, or even a major storm during the Full Moon, but you can still make Moon Water. Moon Water takes on the energy of the zodiac sign the Moon is in. You can make Moon Water on the nights of July 14, 15, or I suggest the 14th or 15th because the Moon moves into Aquarius at am ET on the 16th. Some good uses for Capricorn Moon Water include:. Capricorn is the sign associated with salt making this Full Moon just about the best time of the entire year to charge some blessing salt. You can mix herbs into a bowl of salt before charging it or you can charge the salt and mix herbs into it later.

The best way to decide if you adhere to this theory or not is to observe and note any effects you associate with eclipses in your own life. Your Tarot card is The Emperor, the guy who will always be there when you need him. This card represents your sign's loyalty and ability to stick by your friends through thick and thin. Like the royal figure on your card, you use your authority and analytical powers to help others and to achieve your goals.

Your card, The Hierophant, represents learning from knowledgeable teachers who can help you search for higher truths by exploring tried and true traditions. Sifting through the superficial, these learned souls can lead you to the heart of matters where profound insights reveal important life lessons.

Every Gemini is blessed with a dual nature represented by your Tarot card, The Lovers.

Capricorn Decan 1 ~ General Meaning

I am so done CosmicDancer My psychic abilities have been prominent since I was a young If they are religious, they will be very hands-on in their practice with a missionary type energy. Hence it is called the four pillars. Do you know? Buy Credits. Deb Aug 07,

Turning points for you often involve making a moral choice between taking the high or low road. This card encourages you to weigh your options carefully and follow the path dictated by your personal integrity. You stand proud and strong as you guide The Chariot on your card, steering a steady course and rising above life's conflicts. Even though Cancers seek security, you also love the freedom of the open road where you can use your highly-developed intuition to win the race.

The Strength card represents your physical strength -- like that of the mighty Lion on your card -- as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual prowess.

December 18 Zodiac Sign

Like the Lion, you are blessed with plenty of courage, which helps you overcome problems and obstacles.