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Juno-Jupiter : Juno and Jupiter are natural partners for one another. On the downside, the Jupiter person may make the Juno person suspicious of infidelity. Juno-Saturn: The Asteroid of marital commitment meets the planet of commitment! Juno feels safe and secure with Saturn. As such, it is very easy for them to commit to each other. According to a study, certain Juno aspects were commonly found in the synastry charts of married couples, including: Juno conjunct North Node, Juno conjunct Juno, Juno trine Venus, and Juno trine Mars.

Her Juno in Libra conjuncts his Sun and Mercury. His Juno in Capricorn conjuncts her Mars. My mother and father who have been married for over 30 years , have strong Juno aspects in synastry, as well. His Juno conjuncts her Jupiter a perfect match and opposes her Mars. View all posts by astrologyanonymous I reallywill certainly be back again even more regularly.

With thanks -Antonio. Hi, Just wanted to know if my boyfriend is my soulmate based on a synergy chart and in Particular my Juno in regards to his sun sign. Thanks xxx. Hi, I need some help.

Juno in Synastry

And is it possible to meet him again in the future and have a relationship with him? We have a mystic rectangle in our synastry touching the nodes.

mangiardino.se/conocer-chicas-de-londres.php What does it mean? I know that Mars-Moon connection are very strong and sexual, I feel it too. Plus his Mars is his ruler and it is in my 1st house! And what is more interesting that his Venus 9,59 and his Neptune 12,49 conjunct in Saggitarius and they are in my 7th house. What do these mean? My son has Juno at 25 Scorpio conjunct my Vertex also at 25 Scorpio. I have Lilith exactly conjunct my South Node. My Moon at 0 Libra is conjunct his Vertex also at 0 Libra.

I believe, quite seriously and literally that My son was King David and I was his first wife, Michal, in a past life. I would love for someone to explore this with me.

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The physical aspect of our union is deeply satisfying. Juno understands the Moon on a psychic level.

Does true love exists?

This can make the relationship flow seamlessly and any disagreements can be smoothed over since Juno will cater to the Moon. Harmony and balance with this placement can be achieved weird, for a moon placement, huh? However, in order for any relationship to thrive, you need a good Mercury aspect, and this is wonderful.

You feel comfortable enough as Juno to express your thoughts and ideas to Mercury. The Planet person will always be receptive and you both can bounce off ideas. Mercury moves fast, and Juno likes going at a slower pace. Venus represents their ideal, what they have been seeking. It makes it easier for both parties to commit.

Nothing will ever stop them, especially after they have expressed that they are devoted to one another. Sex will be transformative here. Never a dull moment after you have both committed to each other.

It will function very much like Pluto but with the physical transformations. There is a psychic understanding between you both since you know what makes you comfortable. Learn to trust your partner and embrace the expanding love and trust between you two. This is great for people to express and have mutual philosophies.

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Juno is often strongly placed in synastry charts of marriage couples. The strongest aspects are of course conjunctions and oppositions, trines and sextiles are. Order a synastry report and find out now! [email protected] In Astrology, Juno represents the “good wife”. According to the.

They will never see their partner for what they truly are or are willing to cover up their tracks. However, it seems these 5 factors are a common denominator in long-term happy and healthy relationships and they qualify as primary markers when we want to evaluate the potential for long-term based on the synastry. Here they are, in order of importance: 1.

Mutual aspects to Saturn. Trine energy is familiar from the start, on a psychological level, and they have a comfortable energy.

Venus enters Scorpio

They are about "sliding together", peacefully, in sync. They have a Saturnian value, because they are the aspect of "growing up together", in a continuous, flowing, familiar way, they have strong time-related attributes continuum, durability , also their Saturnian vibe comes from the idea of "that which is familiar", another Saturnian attribute. Trine energy that familiarity doesn't diminish with time, it has an unaltered quality, it's the same energetic print with meeting an old friend and feeling as if you parted ways yesterday. And finally, their contribution to long-termness resides in how trines love routine, habits, rituals, which means in a relationship, they will reflect that part of it when the two people like to relive patterns of behavior and share comfortable previously known and practiced activities together; they create an area of familiarity, memories and common habits both people can be very fond of.

The fixed houses in the horoscope are houses 2, 5, 8 and One two is usually not enough to qualify for this marker, there will be at least several such aspects between the two charts, mutually. Midheaven MC involvement. In brief, this equals having a common future together.

Juno and Vesta archetype match. Juno is the asteroid of marital devotion and it also describes the partner we will eventually commit to, and our own style of partnership in long-term marital-type relationships.