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Astrologers are not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Things are not as they seem. The structures of Mr. On Monday, the Boston Globe reported that he was to be arraigned on charges of felony sexual assault. Neptune surreal, film, delusion is all over this case, as apparently there is video evidence. Not only that, but Mr. Sheikha Latif a was born in Dubai on December 6th, — no birth time available. Skydiving is one of her passions, and we see that need for risk and excitement in the Sun-Uranus conjunction in her horoscope and possibly a Moon-Uranus square, too.

Her Neptune is at the Aries Point, suggesting vision, scandal, idealism and other Neptune themes are likely to be prominent. Depression would be something to watch out for, with Mercury mindset and Venus affection in a tight meet-up with controlling Saturn. In the documentary it was revealed that the princess began planning her escape seven years ago. Then transiting Uranus grabbed the torch and carried it into Meanwhile, transiting Neptune squared her Mercury, Venus and Saturn in the first half of the s.

The princess launched her disappearing act as transiting Neptune squared her boundary-pushing Sagittarius Sun all through and early With Neptune now moving away from her Sun, the fog has lifted — sort of — with those photos of Mrs. I suspect she has a big change in store in , given patterns in her horoscope. Here are a few happier Neptune-themed stories, i. Setting you up for a new creative passion or dream?

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Browse fresh goodies from area farms and check out the environmental display booths, food vendors, local artisans, and craftspeople. January 5. Founded in , it was the biweekly rival to the weekly Life, which, of the two, tended to feature more wholesome content and cover more international topics. Diplomacy is your superpower October Do you remember how we fell in love? GEMINI May 20—June 21 Ruling planet Mercury in Scorpio on October 3 inspires investigation, research, and digging deeply into the archives of your most secret places to unearth nuggets of your own personal truth.

Neptune is one of the most challenging energies to manage in the material world. The work week begins with the Moon in Libra, driving the day with a need for fairness, balance and social graces. Good luck with that while Venus is retrograde as of last Friday , along other patterns happening this week.

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The new cycle begins at PM ET. This New Moon happens at 15 Libra, so anyone with planets or angles at 15 Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn will have their horoscopes activated. FYI, the horoscope of the U. Should be a rollicking lunar cycle. Libra is the sign of partnerships; marriage is an obvious partnership; some business relationships are partnerships, including adversarial ones.

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Now Saturn sets his sights for his rendezvous with power-player Pluto in Capricorn in January Your path to success is channeling the. Capricorn Horoscope | October astrology horoscope · Capricorn Horoscope: January Capricorn (December 22–January 20). You'll develop a.

Take a look at your relationships: how are We doing? What is the State of the Union? How does it reflect the Libran qualities of justice, fairness, diplomacy, peace, beauty and sweetness? Is there resentment or a lack of appreciation? Are there issues hanging in the balance Libra is the sign of the Scales?

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Venus rules Libra, and as you know, right now Venus is in Scorpio and retrograde. And what is said is likely to be a game changer, for better or worse. In the news, this suggests a significant powerplay involving political leaders and CEOs; news from underground. Whatever hits the fan that day will have an easy flow of communication, affirming the Established Order, suggested by Mercury in harmony with Saturn at AM ET. We see this in his horoscope and in the chart for the P45 inauguration.

Perhaps conquering the Supreme Court qualifies.

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Perhaps there will be more. Point is, we need to factor the patterns described in the previous paragraph into our analysis of what this New Moon suggests. Empowered, innovative ideas and social expression, stemming from a need to reassess and reclaim value related to money, aesthetics and WOMEN comes to mind. Mars is squaring Venus. This energy can be applied for better or for worse. What kind of waves, with Election Day happening on Tuesday, November 6th, during this lunar cycle?

We are advised to take the time to repair the damage, to heal — and to contemplate the unseen powers of nature. Astrology is so amazing. We had to go through that fog. Not only that, but all of the pomp and circumstance of his anticipated reward happens tonight at 7 PM ET a few hours before hit exact Jupiter-Sun transit , in a ceremonial swearing-in hosted by P Which makes one wonder if this was truly inevitable, which could be depressing.

Seriously, on a dead Moon opposing Neptune booze, fog, deception? Venus retrograde in Scorpio square Mars?

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On a Moon-Neptune opposition, of course there was beer. All passengers were killed, plus the driver and two pedestrians. At the time of the accident, Uranus accidents was on the angles of the chart for that moment in Schoharie. We see this pattern over and over again: heavy planets on an angle coincident with an energetic release. Meanwhile, note that whenever a planet is retrograde, it facilitates reviewing and revisiting the past. With Venus retrograde, we see the potential for revisiting past relationships and social expression.

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Venus is now squaring Mars — this is supercharged potential. Here are two must-read op-eds published on Sunday reflecting that pattern:.

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Have you registered to vote? Are you SURE??? Please check your status — and share this link with everyone you know. Vote, vote, vote!!! Finally, Avid Readers know that planetary patterns suggest strong potential for authoritarian rulers to be in vogue. His name is Jair Bolsonaro. He did not win the election outright yesterday, but he came darn close. And he is still in the running. We live in such interesting times.

What would we do without this astrological perspective? Click the link below and send me your birth time, place and date of birth. I will also email you a copy of your horoscope, if you have not received one from me before. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and tend to your own personal garden. More on that in a minute. At PM ET, Venus will be squared by Saturn, suggesting an opportunity to structure values financial and aesthetic. Will the structure be felt as an advance or a cut? Saturn can go either way.

follow site Past Venus-Saturn contacts have featured no-nonsense stories of women, art, money and social expression. It jumped into the news a few years ago on a hard aspect between Venus and Saturn.

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Big ideas — regally pronounced and possibly half-baked — may infest the headlines, as Mercury how we need to think and Jupiter expansion square off at AM ET. This is the second of a series of three Mercury-Jupiter squares. The first was on July 9th; the third happens on August 28th, when Mercury will be direct and likely demanding a rethink.

We are in the balsamic phase of the Moon, an apt time for wrapping up projects started at the beginning of the cycle.