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You're Reading a Free Preview Pages 74 to 96 are not shown in this preview. You're Reading a Free Preview Pages to are not shown in this preview. You're Reading a Free Preview Page is not shown in this preview. The exac t period when boltt the zodiacs were it: the first point is doubted by a number of astronomers a nd accordingly the Ayanam sa -precessional distance -or the inc rement between the beginning of the fixed and moveable zodiacs.

Erect the boroscope as per rules given below. Subtract the Ayanamsa for the year of birth from sucb positions and tbe Hindu horoscope is obtained. In one year the Ayana msa gains by. Add to the Local Mean Time of birth. Subtract fou r minutes from the Local Mean Time of birth for every degree of lon gitude.

Having converted th is Local Mean Time of birth in to Greenwich Mean Time the planetary longitudes can be calculated fr om the ephemeris easily. To fin d out tbe e"act longitude of the planet for a given time the difference of longi tude between the previous noon if bi rth is a. In sOlne publications the daily movemer. This difference is the motion o f tbe planet in 24 ho urs.

Then the following rule mu st be applied : A. On page 35 tbe daily motion of the SUD on the day is given a5 57 mi outes a nd 34 seconds. Subt ract rom this tbe Ayanamsa for to get the Hindu longi tu de. Sayana Longitude Less Ayaoamsa fo r Similarly, the planetary positions for other celestia l bodies must be com puted. Calcul ation o f tb e Mooo' s longitude.

Taurus is com posed of three quarters o f Krittik a, four:. Table of constellations on page 15 will tell us that Tauru s corresponds to tbe first quarter of Mrigasira.

Lagna or the Ascendant. Find out the Sidereal Time at G. This is calculated for 12 noo n Greenwich Time. If the place of birtb is east of G reenwich , deduct at the rate of JO seconds per hour of every 15 degrees of lo ngitude or 1 hour in time and if the place o f birth is west of Greenwich, add a si mil ar quantity. This quantity represents the Siderea l Time at t he mome nt of birth and when thii is con verted into degrees it represents what is called t he R.

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Then re fer to th e table o f houses for the place of birth or for the latitude nearest to the place o f birth. Th e ascendant and the cusp, of the six bouses will be foun d marked. Considering the same illu strati on, we proceed tbus:- ,.

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Tbe cusps of tbe six bouses 3re thus obtained and addin g degrees to each of tbese, the cusps o f the other opposi te six are ascertained. Now for example, by add ing degrees to the cusp of th e 10th house, th at o f the fourth can be found and so o n. If you consult a Sayan a table o f houses, ded uct tbe Ayanamsa fr om tbe figures obtained and you will ge t the Nirayana longitudes o f ho uses. Fro m tbe Sayan a ascendant so obtained and the cusps o f tbe bouses.

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I Dlula r house5 between the Western acd the Hicdu systems. Nlroyono Tables 01 HOllses by Dr. Ra ma n and Prof. A consideration of the Shadvargas will enable us to estimate the strength of planets. Dwadasarnsa and Trirnsamsa. The Navamsa system is the most important division. The readers will do well at the beginn ing to cast the Rasi and Navamsa diagrams and see how accu rate somc of thc prcdictions based on these two charts turn out. Thi s has been fully explained in my Gralla and Bhava Balas. X I ;O The twelve zodiacal sign s are the twelve Rasis. The limits and lord ships of the various Rasis have been already named.

W hen a sign is divided into two equal parts, eaeb is called a bora. In odd signs like Aries. In even signs like Taurus.

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Bovemed by the Moon and the second by the Sun. Enm ple. It fails in tht: first hora as it ;s within 15 degrees. AquariUS is an odd sign D? When a sign is divided into three equal parts, each is called a drekkana getting lOdcgrees. The first drekkaoa is governed by the lord of tbe Rasi; the second by the lord of the 5tb from it ; aDd tbe tbird by tbe lord of the 9tb from it.

source url Take Aries: tbe first dre. Since it falls between and 20", the birth has occu rred in the second drekkaM whose lord is the lord of the 51h, viz. When a sign is divided into nine equal parts, each part ' becomes a navamsa. Leo and Sag! Take Aries, and divide it into n ine equal parts. The 6rst navamsa is governed by the lord of Aries, viz. Now divide :.

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We have left tbe counting of tbe navamsa at the 9th from Aries, viz. Therefore, the first navamsa of Ta urus is governed by the lord of the 10th from Aries-Capricorn l'iz. Saturn; the 3rd by the lord or"the 12t h. Then tbe first nayamsa of Gemini is governed by the lord of tbe fi rst Libra , viz. Agai n the first of Cancer is governed by the lord of tbe fi rst, viz. Again the cycle begins from Aries.

J2 seconds Cancer vide page In the horoscope illustrated on page 42 the navam sa positions are as follows : - [- " I A sedt. Take the Sun.

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He is in the 2nd pada o f As lcsha. Counting from Aswin i upto Aslesh a we get 8 constell atio ns. This co nverted in to pldas o r quarters gives Adding the two qua rters.. H indu Prediclive Astro loc. The rem a inde r is 7.

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Each pada is equal to a navamsa. The Sun has passed 3 signs from Aries and 7 padas or navamsas in the 4th sign Cance r. Accordi ng to tbe above rule, fo r Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces, navamsas mu st be countcd fro m Ca ncer itselr. The 7t h from Cancer is Capricor n. Its lo rd is Saturn. Therefore, the Sun is in tbe a avamsn of Saturn. In the n avamss diagram, mark I'" the Su n in Capricorn.